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Tips for writing a FABULOUS Holiday Letter

How To Write A Fabulous Holiday Letter

My mailbox is starting to fill up with annual holiday letters from friends and family.  They are so much fun to receive and I love catching up with distant friends this way!  The letters I get are all terrific and I appreciate the time that people take to write to me.  But once in a…

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The Granola Book – My Free Gift to You!

I have a very exciting announcement for you today! My Breakfast Challenge One of my biggest challenges as a Mom is Breakfast.  Personally, I am not a breakfast person and first thing in the morning the last thing I want to think about is feeding my large family of people with food allergies.  I don’t…

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Thanksgiving Poem

My Thanksgiving Poem To You

My grandmother had a “Nothing Book.”  It was a blank book and at every significant event or interesting milestone somebody would write a poem to memorialize the day.  Strange that it was called the “Nothing Book” because by the time she showed it to me, it had years and years (decades even) of everything in…

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Words Fitly Spoken - Uplifting Conversation Starters

You’ll Want This At Thanksgiving Dinner Tomorrow!

The most important Thanksgiving Tradition is counting our blessings.  We all know that once we sit down at Thanksgiving dinner someone is going to ask, “What are you Thankful for?”  And then there will be the usual answers of “I’m thankful for my health and for friends and family and everything else God has blessed…

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