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23 Ways To Organize Your Home & Your Life

I am not a naturally orgaized person.  In fact, Easy Peasy Chores (my downloadable chore system) was something I developed because I was so overwhelmed with household chores and needed help!  But because my Easy Peasy Chores helps people to organize thier homes, I get to meet some incredibly talented and super-organized authors.  And they… 

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Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle Sale

Here at the Good Old Days Farm, we’re all about Good Health!  One of the things that has kept this farm going during the hardest times are our success stories:  people who have come here, bought our food, attended our classes and experienced dramatic improvements in their health because they learned how to eat and… 

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Naturally Healthy Mama Giveaway

This time of year, Mamas are especially busy, busy, busy with school, the holidays, and nursing their families through the cold and flu season.  To help, the following group of Christian natural living bloggers teamed up to bless a mama who needs extra attention so she can continue being a blessing to her family.  … 

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Not-So-Peaceful Family Worhsip

Calm and peaceful family worship is something we strive for in our home… The kind of family worship where everyone sits happily and listens contentedly, then walks away eager and willing to apply what they just learned. Notice I said “strive for…” ?  It doesn’t often work out quite that way…. (image credit) Sometimes people… 

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Inspired Holiday Bundle: 25 Holiday Products for $25!

The holidays are quickly approaching and with many ways to celebrate between October and December, you might start feeling a little stressed and uninterested.   Do not let this holiday season slip by! Make each moment special and gather the inspiration you need from the Inspired Holiday Bundle – 25 products for holiday inspiration at… 

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A Simple Plan Dividers

Mardel’s Homeschool Planner Review & Giveaway

I often get asked, “How do you manage to run a farm AND homeschool?”  Aren’t they both full-time jobs?  And the answer is, YES, they ARE both full-time jobs!  Today I would like to share a tool with you that helps me stay organized and keep track of what I need to be doing:  It’s… 

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South Side of the Square

Letters From The Farm Mail Club – Pictures for Introductory Letter

I love receiving letters in my mailbox!  In this age of email and instant communication, penpalling is becoming a lost art.  Here at the Good Old Days Farm we are working to keep this fun tradition alive!  As you may know, we recently began a Letters From the Farm Mail Club!  (The club is technically… 

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ErgoBaby Giveaway!

  I’ve teamed up with Roz from Real Food Family to spread the word about her DIY Baby-Wearing Wrap Tutorial and Ergobaby Giveaway! What mom can survive without a safe, comfortable baby wrap, sling or carrier? You can check out Real Food Family’s DIY Baby-Wearing Wrap Tutorial where the giveaway is being held, or enter… 

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Homefries made with the spiralizer from RawberryKitchen.com. So delicious and healthy!

The Spiralizer: Adding a Decorative and Practical Touch to Healthy Home Cooking {Kitchen Tools of the Trade}

My children were diagnosed with food sensitivities right around the time that my husband left his job in corporate America to open a small family farm.  ”You can’t feed those kids a vegan, gluten free diet on a budget” people told me.  But I had no choice.  We had just taken a 75% pay cut… 

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Healthy Home Giveaway (Over $1000 in Products!)

Creating a Healthy Home for Fall As we enter into the Fall season there are many things that we think of and prepare for.  We love to watch the colors change, break out those comfy sweaters, and enjoy all of the good food that comes with Autumn.  There are so many great and enjoyable things… 

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Mail Club for Kids. So fun! FREE GIVEAWAY!

Letters From The Farm Mail Club! CELEBRATION + GIVEAWAY!

About a year and a half ago, I was watching my children race to the mailbox one morning and secretly laughing at them.  They get so excited about mail… even though it’s never for them.  But as long as I hand them the flyer from Tractor Supply or the bright blue envelope that some mass-mailer… 

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