What happens when a software engineer tells his wife, "I wanna be a farmer"? They start tilling up the yard, making healthy diet changes and working together as a family! It's hard work, but someday we'll look back and say "Those sure where the good old days!" This is our story.

Here Are The Deals I’m The Most Excited About!


Welcome to the Good Old Days Farm! We are so glad you’re here! If you’re new here, we don’t want you to miss a thing! Please follow us on Facebook! If you live nearby, don’t forget to sign up for our waiting list to get farm fresh fruit and vegetables for your family…. grown by…

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Our family has SO MUCH to be Thankful For!

Thank You

I’ve been waiting until everything is confirmed to make the official announcement… I am so thankful to be able to tell you that we met the fundraising goal!  Airline tickets have been purchased and the 4 children from an Eastern European Orphanage will be part of our family over the holidays!  They arrive just before…

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You Are A Decoration On Our Blessing Tree

Orphan Hosting Fundraiser - Help Us Bless 4 Children From Ukraine

Papa the Farmer and I have never celebrated Christmas together in the traditional way.  He didn’t celebrate Christmas at all as a child, but in my home Christmas was a really big deal. When we got married we had to find a good compromise.  Since he got 2 weeks off at Christmas every year, we…

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How God Led Us to Choose Adoption

Our hearts are open to adopt

Papa the Farmer and I have felt called to adopt for a long time…. 12 years, to be exact! Every time we get really serious about it and start moving forward I get pregnant. This has happened 4 times now. (And we only have 4 children, so you do the math…. lol). Over the past…

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Oil Free Abracadabra Salad Dressing

Oil Free Abracadabra Dressing... Makes all the salad disappear! (Yep, this dressing is THAT good!)

One of my very favorite recipes on my blog (Ok…. favorite recipe on the planet!)  is my Abracadabra Salad Dressing recipe.  I call it that because when you pour this dressing on your family’s salad, it’s like magic!  All the salad disappears! The first time we tried this dressing, Papa the Farmer and I had…

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Parenting Is Heart Work – A Giveaway


Of all the things we raise or grow here at the Good Old Days Farm…. tomatoes, chickens, alpacas, peaches and more… the most important thing we are raising is 4 children.  Parenting is hard, hard work!  We have one chance to get it right and when our time is over, it’s over.  There’s no going…

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Flavorful Friday – The Week I Dreamed About Food

Flavorful Fridays Menu Plan at Good Old Days Farm

I’ve been quiet on the blog and on social media this week.  It’s because I’ve been doing “The Master Cleanse” which is a 10 day detox diet.  (It’s also known as the “Lemonade Diet” but “Lemonade” is a VERY GENEROUS word for this concoction that involves lemon and cayenne pepper.)  BUT, today is Day #6!  Next…

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