What happens when a software engineer tells his wife, "I wanna be a farmer"? They start tilling up the yard, making healthy diet changes and working together as a family! It's hard work, but someday we'll look back and say "Those sure where the good old days!" This is our story.
Oil Free Abracadabra Dressing... Makes all the salad disappear! (Yep, this dressing is THAT good!)

Parenting Is Heart Work – A Giveaway


Of all the things we raise or grow here at the Good Old Days Farm…. tomatoes, chickens, alpacas, peaches and more… the most important thing we are raising is 4 children.  Parenting is hard, hard work!  We have one chance to get it right and when our time is over, it’s over.  There’s no going…

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Flavorful Friday – The Week I Dreamed About Food

Flavorful Fridays Menu Plan at Good Old Days Farm

I’ve been quiet on the blog and on social media this week.  It’s because I’ve been doing “The Master Cleanse” which is a 10 day detox diet.  (It’s also known as the “Lemonade Diet” but “Lemonade” is a VERY GENEROUS word for this concoction that involves lemon and cayenne pepper.)  BUT, today is Day #6!  Next…

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The One Thing Our Homeschool Was Missing

How We Use the Geosafari Talking Globe in our Homeschool

This is a sponsored post and includes affiliate links. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks gearing up for a new school year.  I cleared last year’s books off the shelves and replaced them with new ones.  I moved furniture around and asked the children to organize the jumbled mess that was our art supply…

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3 Secular Books For Christians

3 Authors For the Christian Reader To Consider

  This week’s challenge in the Christian Homemaking Community‘s Summer Reading Club is to share with you 3 secular authors that Christian readers should consider.  I have spent hours this week looking through my bookshelves trying to figure out what I should recommend to you and I think you will be amused by my selections….

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To The Mom Who Hates Having Her Picture Taken

Dear Mom Who Hates Having Your Picture Taken

This post uses affiliate links. An Open Letter To The Mom Who Hates Having Her Picture Taken Sweet Friend, I’m like you.  Between my fancy-schmancy blogging camera, my phone and my tablet, there’s always a camera within reach and I literally take hundreds of pictures each month of my children.  But when it comes to…

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Why I Don’t Read Fiction To My Children

Why I Don't Read Fiction To My Children

This post uses affiliate links. We are back for another installment of the Christian Homemaking Community’s Summer Book Club!  This week’s assignment was to tell you about my 3 favorite Christian novels.  I’ve been thinking about this post for weeks and weeks wondering what I would write.  The fact of the matter is that I…

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