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Berkley Water Filter Giveaway!

Welcome to the Good Old Days Farm! We are so glad you’re here! If you’re new here, we don’t want you to miss a thing! Please follow us on Facebook! If you live nearby, don’t forget to sign up for our waiting list to get farm fresh fruit and vegetables for your family…. grown by… 

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Homeschool Lesson Planner Giveaway!

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to work with various companies to tell you about products that will make your life easier. My very favorite part of blogging is being able to offer cool giveaways to my readers! I figure that when there’s a product I like, there’s a good chance you… 

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DIY Beautiful Fall Wreath Tutorial

How To Make a Beautiful Fall Wreath On the Cheap!

Fall is coming!  And while I definitely prefer the warmer weather of spring and summer I do love decorating for fall with beautiful bright orange and yellows!  Last week I made a welcoming fall wreath for the front door of our tiny house and by using items I already had on hand, the whole project… 

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Homemaking From Scratch conference

An Invitation – Come To An Online Ladies Retreat With Me!

May I just take a moment to tell you that I have the BEST readers on the planet?  Last week I posted about how a little encouragement goes a long, long way.  It had been a difficult week  but I was feeling better by the time I posted that.  You all flooded my comments and… 

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Whole Food Comfort Food

Carob Sticky – My Whole Food Comfort Food Recipe

My dear, sweet friend was sitting on her kitchen floor crying and I was sitting down there with her as I watched our combined six children playing just outside the side door.  Her marriage was falling apart.  Looking back I think we both must have known it, but the idea was too awful to  admit… 

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Encouragement Challenge from GoodOldDaysFarm.com

Why I Almost Quit Blogging Last Week

I almost quit blogging this week. My email quit working. The baby was teething. My eStore started working sometimes, but not always. The laundry was piling up. My blog protection failed and my site got attacked with 180,000 spam comments.   My web host turned my site off to stop the attack and said each… 

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Kill-A-Cold Sandwich

Kill-A-Cold Sandwich (The Official Recipe!)

Over the weekend a cold front blew into Texas.  Now, before you Northerners start to feel bad for me (and by “Northerner” I mean, anyone who lives north of the Texas-Oklahoma state line!) please understand that a cold front for me means that temperatures have dropped from triple-digits down into the 90′s…  I did live… 

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When You’re Not Good Enough For The Calling – Guest Post By The Time-Warp Wife

Those of you who have been with me from the very beginning of my blogging adventure will know that I have never, ever, EVER had somebody guest post on my blog before.  I’ve always felt like this blog is the story of our family’s journey; of our struggles and successes and how the Lord has… 

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5 Kitchen Appliances You Need in Survival Mode

5 Kitchen Appliances You Need In Survival Mode

This blog post contains affiliate links.  It doesn’t cost you extra and it helps me keep the bloggy-lights on around here.  Thanks for your support!  You bless my socks off!   Since having our fourth baby earlier this year, pretty much all I’ve done is sat and around and nursed the baby.  I’ve nursed and… 

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Making Granola At the Good Old Days Farm

Pssst! Want To See What I’ve Been Working on?

I am not a morning person.  If you come to my house at 6 o’clock in the morning please expect to make your own breakfast because I am not at my finest at that hour.  Even after all these years of eating a whole foods diet, first thing in the morning I really just want… 

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Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle is Here!

We all want to make better health and lifestyle decisions for ourselves and those we love. We want to lose some weight, have more energy, use greener products, create nutritious meals for our families, get fit, and feel confident that we’re doing all we can to prevent serious diseases. But it’s so easy to feel… 

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