Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman Review & Giveaway

We’ve been farming for 2 years now… this crazy lifestyle that I did not choose.  If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time I bet you think that Papa the Farmer is the one in charge around here.  That he makes the decisions and I just happily go along with it and don’t give him grief.

Wrong.  Did you know that I went to university to be an elementary school teacher?  In other words, I have a degree in telling people what to do, how to do it, where to sit, where to stand… and in the classroom that’s considered “good classroom management.”  I once had a job as a recreation coordinator.   I planned events for 500+ people and I had a staff who I told what to do and when.  At the workplace it’s considered “excellent delegation skills.”  But at home this kind of personality is not exactly a virtue.  **wink!**  Not only is it not a virtue, it’s not even possible to control everything we Mamas would sometimes like to control!

So today I’d like to tell you about a new book that Karen Ehman from Proverbs 31 Ministries has written called LET.  IT.  GO.  The thing is, we wives and mothers need to be in control.  If we’re not in control, the results are seen in our falling-apart-homes and our out-of-control children.  BUT, there is a line between doing our job and over-doing it.

LET.  IT.  GO.  will help you find that line.  In these past few years of farming I have realized that my circumstances do not define who I am.  I’ve realized that God has placed me here… in this place I never would have chosen for myself…  in order to teach me and grow me and give me opportunities I couldn’t have faithfully met once upon a time.  My job is not to control the details of my life (and pout when things don’t go my way), my job is to allow God to use my circumstance to grow me into the Godly woman he wants me to be and hopefully bless a few others along the way.

My human nature thinks it knows best.  I think I know what THE PLAN for my life should look like… and THE PLAN doesn’t involve most of the circumstances I currently find myself in.  If you can relate to this at all, LET.  IT.  GO.  by Karen Ehman would be a great read for you!

Best of all, Karen is giving two Good Old Days Farm Readers each a copy of LET.  IT.  GO.  Just leave a comment below to be entered!  I will select the two winners 1 week from today!

Oh!  And one last thing!  Several bloggers around the blogosphere are posting about LET.  IT.  GO.  this week.  Karen is going to randomly select one person out of all the people who comment on any of these posts and that person will win a Kindle Fire.  That’s right… a Kindle Fire!  Just sayin’!



  1. Becky Foutz says

    Control is the very thing that God has been dealing with me about for the past two years. I would love to win this book, and read it, to see what else I can learn!

  2. Deb C says

    SO glad I can LET IT GO and LET GOD! Thank You God for being in control….now I choose to surrender to Your control each moment! Thanks Karen for a wonderful spiritual reminder of this in your book!

  3. Brenda says

    Let.It.Go. sounds like the book I really need right now. What challenges we face everyday….. some are unexpected, but with the Lord we get through.

  4. Elaine Segstro says

    Now I know one of the reasons I like to control. I too trained for teaching elementary school and did teach elementary school :) To let go, and let God use my circumstances for Him and His glory!

  5. says

    Just found your blog…and I needed to hear this today! But having the chance to look it over (your blog)…you’re from TX! We are too (Burleson)! You home school! We do too( 10+ yrs)! You farm! We want too! LOL Anyway, it’s been delightful reading your blog. Many blessings to you!

  6. Becky J says

    Oh dear..I am the firstborn, total type A, graduated summa cum laude from college with {of course} an education degree..oh and yes, my precious mom thought I was demon-possessed at age 4- she took me to see a Christian counselor who declared me strong willed and well..I pray, the Holy Spirit never stops molding and shaping me into the image of Jesus…I wish I didn’t need this book, but I sure do..especially now with a 20, 17 and 13 year old…thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  7. Rose says

    I also am a school teacher and now a farm wife. I know all about trying to control… I have a rough, tough personality and wish God could change me over night. It is work to change and oh I need to be changed. Thank you for the book…

  8. Kathy Miller says

    Love that quote:  “Know your role as a praying parent not a meddling mother.” Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries – but at the same time super, honest, active love with prayer.

  9. Paula says

    What a life-changing perspective to trust God in whatever place He has put us and seek to honor Him there! Thank you for the opportunity to receive a copy of this book. We also are a homeschooling family (of 12) who have just started a family farm. As ones following in your footsteps, we appreciate your many helpful insights.

  10. Debbie W. (OBS Leader) says

    Would I love to have the book “Let It Go” – yes I put it on my Christmas list for my adult kids to give me and that’s all I put – the whole study.  I can’t wait for it to begin.  My daughter tells me I need a Kindle Fire but that didn’t go on the list – I don’t want them spending that kind of money on their Mom.  But so ready for the study, and loving all the ideas I am reading on these sites.  Gonna go chalk my neighbor’s driveways with tidings.  Love that one.  Thanks for your Christmas ideas!  It hasn’t started to look like Christmas at my house with unplanned remodeling caused by foundation shift – house is in chaos -one candle on the new countertop is my decoration so far and a printed manger scene hanging on my fridge.  My mom is in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure so not sure the house will get decorated for the first time ever but that’s ok – the kids will be home for Christmas and hopefully by then boxes will be unpacked and furniture in the rooms.

  11. says

    For me this is a relatively easy quostien, but has a pretty complex answer. The specialty I have actually looked forward to working with is OB/GYN. I find that the ability of a woman’s body to produce a child, endure the amount of abuse it takes during a pregnancy, and the amount of pain endured during delivery is amazing. The joy of being able to be present as life enters the world is truly one of the greatest moments in life. To me that would be the best possible option. I also would love working in the operating room with a surgeon. I have experienced the OR quite a few times, and have been on both sides of the table. I have to say I would love to work with any surgeon in the OR except for Orthopedics. The reason behind that is the surgery’s are pretty brutal when it comes to the skeletal system. Having been in the OR with an Orthopedic surgeon and seeing the use of the saws, hammers and other heavy equipment in order to perform the surgery just sends chills up my spine. I know that type of surgery is not for me. I think my favorite surgeries have to be that of the abdominal cavity. The specialties that I would least like to work for are few, and for simple reasons. Pediatrics is not a specialty for me since I have four children of my own. My Aunt is a neonatal nurse practitioner and I followed her in high school and saw the good, the bad, and the ugly so I can honestly say I could not emotionally handle that type of position. Podiatry is also an area I could not see myself working. The reason behind this is pretty silly, but here goes, I very much dislike other peoples feet especially if they are not well kept. I know in the medical field you will encounter feet on a daily basis, but I could not mainly work with feet on an everyday basis. My last specialty is Orthopedics for the reasons I noted above about the barbaric nature of the surgeries and treatments for the musculoskeletal system. Its just not for me.


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