Easy Peasy Chores


Easy Peasy Chores is a printable chore system that includes every job the average family needs to keep their home in order.

It uses the appeal of baseball cards coupled with games and unique incentives to put JOY back into family chores!

Best of all, it is easily customizable to meet the needs of YOUR family!

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(Oh…Don’t panic looking at all those chore cards on the fridge above!  That’s a full WEEK’s worth of chores!)

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What Are People Saying About Easy Peasy Chores? 


“The Easy Peasy Chore Chart is the chore chart you have never seen before.  It is fun and interactive, as well as appropriate for the entire family… Every mom should have this chore chart.  I am not just saying that.  The day I put this all together and had the results that I did, I actually called all of my friends and family and told them that they needed The Easy Peasy Chore Chart to make their lives easier.  I am convinced that this chore chart is different than any other system out there and really gets children, especially younger, excited about helping around the house.” – Lindsay @ Road to 31:  A Young Woman’s Journey to Become a Proverbs 31 Homemaker  {To read the full review, click here!}


This ebook “is more of a tool than a book you sit down and read. But WHAT a tool it is!! Busy mamas everywhere have been needing this resource for a loooonnngggg time. I can remember back when I was growing up, and my mom organized our chores using index cards in a little file box. She would have loved this system! Alina has broken down all the possible chores that need to be done in your home into simple tasks that even the children can help with. Whether you want to organize the tasks by person, by room, by zone, or by day of the week, you can do so with this – truly – easy peasy system. There’s an initial cost for printing out the cards and purchasing the supplies, but Alina’s even got some great ideas to help you get started with minimal out-of-pocket expense. I am SO excited to get The Boys (ages 4, 2, and, um, 33) and myself started on this house-cleaning system, especially now that I’m teaching again and my boys are going to school with me. Anything that simplifies my life excites me, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to find this resource exciting, too! It’s only $15.99, and it’s worth every stinkin’ penny. (It would honestly be worth even more.)”  – Anne Simpson, author of AuthenticSimplicity.Net and Your Grocery Budget Toolbox


“5 out of 4 stars (yes, it broke the ratings system)…I have a terrible time keeping up with chore charts.  I have such a hard time that I tossed the idea of a chore chart out the window a long time ago.  Simply to amuse myself, I looked into Easy Peasy Chore Chart System, just knowing I would not think it was easy peasy.  I just knew I would fail as always.  And to be truthful, I would have failed.  While I opened my PDF and looked in amazement at how easy it would be and how visually appealing it was I knew I would ruin it.  However, my kids love it so much that the system practically runs itself.  It runs itself.  Well, it would have to because I am hopeless.  Thankful for a system fun for kids and easy for me to maintain.  By maintaining, I mean keeping it up on my fridge.” – Richele @ Families.com


“Alina Joy obviously knows enough about running a smooth household – and about appealing to children’s creativity, to make this a system that actually works! This e-book is a MUST for all Moms trying to keep a clean house, without struggling with the kids to help! It teaches responsibility, and appreciation for everything Moms and Dads do as well, because visually, they can see their chores compared to the adults’. The reward system is visually stimulating to the children as well, supporting their desire for positive feedback and giving them an attainable goal.” – Ginny Tyler @ Progress Via Regress


“This is one awesome chore system. Easy Peasy Chores is full of printable, picture-based (perfect for non-readers) chores with instructions on how to use the system in your home. Seriously, it’s cool. You can print it in either black and white or color, and the color version includes various skin-tones for the parents in the pictures (LOVE that!).” Dana White (aka ‘Nony the Slob”) @ A Slob Comes Clean


“Last year, in a fit of inspiration and madness, I bought the book Manager’s of Their Chores by the Maxwell family. I know, this book works for many, but it did not work for me at all. It is huge, complicated, and I got really hung up when it came to actually creating and printing out our chore cards and actually implementing the schedule. For me, it was a FAIL and a waste of more than $30. I need simple and doable, and Alina’s ebook looks like it will deliver.”  – Stephanie Langford @ Keeper of the Home


“[With Easy Peasy Chores] Planning your kids chores each day is a breeze! You don’t have to think about it, and they don’t have to wonder what Mom is going to ask them to do. They know exactly what is expected of them… I am so excited to finally have a system that allows me to organize my chores and for my kids to have a system where they can anticipate what is expected of them! Are you ready to end the battle of the chores with your kids?!” – Trisha Gilkerson @ Intoxicated On Life {To read the full review, click here!}


Finally, simple help with chore time! Such a brilliant idea!  

A customizable, printable system that easily adjusts to every family, this chore chart system makes helping children remember and follow through with their chores easy peasy!

I’m still printing these off and getting my system set up and I’m just giddy thinking about it!” – Kelly @ Generation Cedar


“Thank you for offering this to us Alina Joy!  I am enjoying getting it tweaked to work at our home as well.  My youngers really love the pix and it has helped tremendously in getting them to finish the ENTIRE job :)…  Great job!!!  Thank you again!” – DRIA


“Wow!  Alina Joy you have done an amazing job on this book!  The system is great and your presentation is fantastic also.  I love that you included a reward system, and I think it’s a great one.  I also like the pictures for how to set the system up, and the links to the websites.”  -Michelle


“I’m modifying this to a daycare use.  Each child has their cards (colored by them) laminated, and varntied to their own name (poster board) envelope, by age, development, skill, and event, special need (wheel chair parking).  This has been a fun, busy work for prepper me.  Thank you.  Blessings” -Linda


“I need this book! I want my house to be organized and clean so much, but I struggle with it! I need a system already prepared that I just have to implement.” – Roxanne


“Never mind the kids, the adults in this family could benefit from this book” – Kate



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